Funding Opportunities

The Office of NextGen administers several funding opportunities available to public entities. Project eligibility, award ceilings, application periods, submission processes, and deadlines vary based on legislative authority or specific grant and contract programs, so we encourage you to explore each program's webpage for additional details.

Aviation Research Grants

20 grants totaling $7,346,411.10 awarded in fiscal year 2021

Centers of Excellence Grants

147 grants totaling $56,343,581.54 awarded in fiscal year 2021

Aviation Research Grants

The Aviation Research Grants Program provides grants and cooperative agreements to support and encourage advanced research that benefits civil aviation's long-term growth, prevents catastrophic failure of aircraft, and contributes to the FAA's mission of improving aviation safety, capacity, efficiency, and security.

Aviation Workforce Development Grants

The program consists of two educational grant programs. The Aircraft Pilots Workforce Development Grants Program supports the creation and delivery of a curriculum that prepares high school students to become aircraft pilots, aerospace engineers, or unmanned aircraft system operators, and supports teachers' professional development in the curriculum. The Aviation Maintenance Technical Workforce Grants Program supports education, outreach, recruitment, and military career transition.

Air Transportation Centers of Excellence Grants Program

The Air Transportation Centers of Excellence Grants Program provides a range of aviation technology research activities through the FAA's cooperative agreements with competitively-selected Centers of Excellence (COE) within academic institutions and industry affiliates in the U.S.