NextGen Collaboration and Messaging

The NextGen Collaboration and Messaging Office leads interagency, aviation industry and international collaboration efforts to resolve complex challenges critical to NextGen and communicates the progress of National Airspace System (NAS) modernization. We leverage stakeholder expertise to identify, research, coordinate, and bring together the appropriate resources. Our strategic messaging helps the Office of NextGen connect with aviation stakeholders to advance NextGen goals.


Stakeholder Collaboration Division

This division manages executive-level committees and component technical working groups of stakeholders to provide expertise and advice to ensure successful implementation of NextGen. Stakeholders include representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation, other federal government agencies, Congress, and civilian aviation community.

International Division

This division promotes interoperable global air traffic modernization through the harmonization of global standards and guidelines that are compatible with NextGen technologies and procedures. The International Division communicates the purpose and focus of NextGen internationally, and ensures that NextGen is central to the FAA's international strategy and mission.

The division also works to ensure optimal equipage to take full advantage of air traffic modernization globally and collaborates with partner agency liaisons to identify and resolve air traffic modernization issues.

Outreach Division

This division leverages and executes the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics to inform communication strategies and decision-making.

The division also brings expertise in writing, editing, webpage development, graphic design, and multimedia through the production of reports, print and video stories, fact sheets, brochures, presentations, banners, and other communication products.

Business Operations Division

The division works with the other Collaboration and Messaging Office divisions to manage personnel, contracts, finances, and the business plan to support NextGen collaboration and outreach with interagency, industry, and international partners and stakeholders. This division also works closely with the NextGen Management Services Office to manage ANG-M's employee services and staff professional development training, contracts, financial operations, and travel.

Directorate Work

The NextGen Collaboration and Messaging Office advances National Airspace System modernization by supporting the assistant administrator for NextGen and the FAA on a wide variety of multifaceted and often highly visible issues.

Our team:

  • Coordinates across other government agencies and manages efforts to identify and resolve interagency NextGen issues.
  • Coordinates NextGen's international program with stakeholders to facilitate global harmonization and accomplish FAA strategic initiatives and goals.
  • Builds and manages relationships with NextGen stakeholders, including support of collaborative forums and subordinate teams.
  • Conducts communication and outreach activities in collaboration with various FAA lines of business, staff offices, and aviation community stakeholders.
  • Integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning skills to effectively disseminate messages to stakeholders.

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