Holiday Travel: How the FAA Gets Your Plane There Safely

Whatever the season, our job is to get you to your destination safely and efficiently. Holiday travel has normally posed challenges from more planes in the skies and frequent bad weather. This past summer we saw new demand, more bad weather and increased use of the nation’s airspace. The FAA has several efforts underway to get your plane where it is going safely and efficiently despite these challenges. 

Learn how we manage increased flights and shifts in demand

FAA's Command Center

The FAA’s Command Center works around the clock to keep the system moving safely and efficiently. This year we took additional steps to keep things moving. The FAA had a productive meeting with around a dozen airlines, general aviation representatives and associations to find solutions to meet the growing demand in Florida. To learn more, view the meeting summary.

Screencap of software that helps airports get planes from gate to runway

Rolling to the Runway

Software capability at airports across the country gets planes from gate to runway more quickly while burning less fuel.