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Cover of the November/December 2022 Safety Briefing magazine

Fly ‘way From the Danger Zones: Tips to Reduce Risk in All Phases of Flight 

The November/December 2022 issue of FAA Safety Briefing magazine explores tips and best practices that help pilots find ways to avoid the “danger zones” where accidents can occur. Articles highlight system safety and risk management in the context of persistent accident factors during preflight; taxi; takeoff and departure; maneuvering flight; and approach and landing. 

Download the November/December 2022 issue or use the links below to read the articles on our blog. 

Feature Articles

General Aviation Aircraft

How Do You Do?

Practical Ways to Practice Risk Management

Preflight Prep

Tips for Perfect Preflight Prep

Why Better Preflight Preparation is Paramount to Safe Flight

runway lights

Top Six Taxi Tips

How to Improve Your Ground Game

plane coming in for a landing

Don’t Try This at Home on the Runway

Common Take Off and Departure Errors

airplane at sunset

Shiny Side Up!

Avoiding Loss of Control

airplane coming in for a landing

It's All in Your Approach

Top Tips to Fine Tune a Final Approach and Landing


F-18 Hornet on a carrier deck

The Danger Zone

Jumpseat: An Executive Policy Perspective


Medical Factors in Aviation Mishaps

Aeromedical Advisory: A Checkup on All Things Aeromedical

graphic illustration of ekg and heart

Coronary Heart Disease

Condition Inspection: A Look at Specific Medical Conditions

Woman teaching at a chalkboard

Making the Grade

Checklist: FAA Resources and Safety Reminders

Drone at sunset

Ready to Fly?

Drone Debrief: Drone Safety Roundup

Mechanic working on plane

A New Dawn for Aviation Maintenance Training

Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons: GA maintenance issues

aircraft that was in an accident

Meet the FAA’s Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention

Angle of Attack: GA Safety Strategies

VAST logo

A VAST Difference for Safety

Vertically Speaking: Safety Issues for Rotorcraft Pilots

Man walking away from GA aircraft

Down But Not Done

Postflight: An Editor’s Perspective

Kim Pyle

Kimberly Pyle, FAA Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention

Faces: FAA Employee Profile

Last updated: Thursday, November 10, 2022