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Mandatory Credit Card Payment Process

The FAA Academy will pay for commercial lodging costs for Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATCS) New Hires (ONLY applies to ATCS New Hires) attending Courses 50043, 50143, 50046, 50034001, 50043001, 50055001, 50056001, 50056002, 50070001, 50148001, 50147001, or 50034 if also attending one of the other courses listed.

This is a mandatory payment process for classes starting on 06/01/19, or after. It applies only to lodging costs which can be charged to the FAA Academy government credit card.

The maximum allowable daily lodging rate is $62.40. You will be responsible for charges in excess of this amount. If you are unable to locate lodging within the allowable amount, please contact Student Services at (405) 954-3923 for assistance.

The instructions and guidelines for housing, meals, and incidental entitlements are listed below. If you require assistance or clarification, please call Student Travel at (405) 954-9453.

Instructions for the ATC New Hire Credit Card Payment Option

  1. Call the lodging provider to secure a reservation. You may access the list of Hotels or Apartments at You may be required to provide a personal credit card number to hold the reservation. If you do not have the means to do this, please contact Student Travel at (405) 954-9453.

  2. You should expect to receive a Welcome Packet from the Air Traffic Division via email approximately 2 weeks prior to the class start date. Once you have received your Welcome Packet, you can secure a reservation, and forward your name, cell number, reservation dates, name of lodging provider, lodging rate and confirmation number if available, to Student Travel will provide the lodging provider with the student lodging authorization number which will change the reservation from your personal credit card to the FAA Academy credit card.

  3. You will not need a receipt from the lodging provider at the end of your stay since you will NOT be claiming these costs on your travel reimbursement voucher.

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Meals & Incidentals

You will receive $40.40/day for meals and incidentals. You may submit your initial travel reimbursement voucher 15 days after arriving at the Academy and monthly thereafter.

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Important Notes & Guidelines

FAA will not pay for lodging reservations that have not been assigned an FAA Authorization Number.

The FAA Academy credit card will pay for lodging accommodation costs only. All other costs including meals, incidentals, phone calls, laundry service, movie rental, pet deposits, entertainment, damages, etc. will need to be guaranteed by the student's personal credit card.

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Last updated: Friday, February 25, 2022