FAA Academy Student Services COVID-19 FAQs

Suggested Questions to Ask Lodging Providers regarding COVID-19

  1. How much close exposure will I have to other guests?

  2. Are you filling up your rooms to maximum capacity or are you limiting capacity with regard to social distancing?

  3. Is your facility following CDC guidelines for cleaning and using the recommended products?
  4. How confident are you in the precautions being taken by your staff?

  5. Is everyone following the same guidelines (i.e. everyone wearing a mask and using gloves or is it an individual preference)?

  6. Does the property have dining on the premises and what social distancing measures are being taken?

  7. Does the property grounds have plenty of outdoor spaces/indoor spaces, and what social distancing measures are being taken?

  8. In the event a person becomes sick during my stay what level of effort will be made to notify me personally, my family and the FAA?
Last updated: Friday, February 25, 2022